The vision of the proposed Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology Innovation Center (KACST-TIC on CCS) is to be a regionally recognized center for transforming fundamental research into technology development in the area of carbon capture and sequestration and for contributing to the technology based clean environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 




The mission of establishing a Technology Innovation Center  on Carbon Capture and Sequestration (KACST-TIC on CCS) at KFUPM is to develop, transfer, enhance and apply the technologies of carbon capture and sequestration to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thus, to create innovations that provide new technologies of carbon capture and sequestration. This will be achieved by carrying out projects that are intended to advance the development of technology innovations required to create envisioned new equipment, components, processes, sensors and algorithms. It will have the opportunity to advance new technologies in the area of carbon capture and sequestration, as well as partnering with the industry to bring new technologies to KSA.





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