Carbon capture and storage is a relatively new scientific and technology discipline; as such, many people are unaware of its role as a greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation strategy. Increased education and awareness are needed to improve its acceptance by the general public, regulatory agencies, policy makers, and industry. Therefore, training programs will be established to develop technical human resources needed for industry and governmental organizations in the area of carbon capture and sequestration. The available human resources will form the base for organizing and running such educational programs such as short courses and workshops.


Since the approval of the establishment of KACST TIC-CCS, the center conducted many seminars in the area of CCS.  The following seminars were organized and presented at KFUPM.  One of these seminars was mainly to introduce the main objectives of the center to the research community at KFUPM.  The rest of the seminars were presented by research scholars in the areas of carbon capture and sequestration and focus on the current technical challenges.  Two of these seminars were presented by Prof. David Dzombak from Carnegie Mellon University (one of the external collaborators of the center) who was invited to visit the center for coordinating the research collaboration between the center and Carnegie Mellon University.  A summary of the seminars that were carried out is given in the following:




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