The objectives and goals of the proposed Center of Technology Innovation in Carbon Capture and Sequestration include:

·         Enhancing scientific and technological understanding of carbon capture and sequestration.

·         Developing strategic technology initiatives in the area of carbon capture and sequestration.

·         Promoting university-industry research collaboration and technology transfer related to carbon capture and sequestration.

·         Enhancing infrastructure for research and education of CCS including facilities, instrumentation and partnerships.

·         Strengthening university research and science and engineering education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

·         Developing and implementing best practices for carbon sequestration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

·         Developing creative roles for large as well as small firms to share the development of the  technologies of carbon capture and


·         Developing a culture of discovery and innovation related to CCS in the academic environment.

·         Creating, developing and enhancing capacities that are capable of transforming fundamental research to commercial products.

·        Investigating the Economic and Social impact of the implementation of Carbon capture & Sequestration in KSA





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